Class of ’79 – I was a Student in the 1970s!

This book is an account of my almost unbelievable, but completely true, experiences as a student back in the seventies. It covers the highs and the lows: the parties, the bands, the sex, the drugs, the motorcycles, the student demos, the residentials and the wild holidays – and the poverty, the cold, the terrible digs, the loneliness, the politics, the religion, the arrests, the squats, the broken hearts, and, of course, the daily battle for the bathroom (but then, washing as a student was pretty over-rated!)

In a short space of time I experienced some of the highest highs and lowest lows of my life. This book details how I was forced to live in 5 different sets of digs in my first year – the final one being a squat that was demolished about my ears. How I struggled to live (and cook!) and try to make friends, alone for the first time in a foreign land. How I lost my virginity – Hurrah! It covers the wild Summer I spent sharing a house in Oxford with Rowan Atkinson whilst working at British Leyland and taking too many drugs. How I was arrested as a suspected drug smuggler and ‘extradited’ to Leicester (I’ve never been back). How I discovered Christianity and politics and attended Pentecostal churches and picket lines and sit-ins and how this led to someone throwing a hammer through our window. How I was banned from driving and then owned various motorcycles and the various scrapes and adventures we had on them. How I started as a hairy hippy and then became a peroxide punk rocker. The bands I was in and the gigs we played. How I came to have a Summer job selling ice creams on the beach in France – and how my motorcycle was repatriated in the back of an estate car! How we found out that our house was condemned and nearly froze to death in the Winter. How I was arrested for causing a disturbance, breaking the peace and speeding along the sea front in Southsea on my home built chopper, before being forced to sleep under a tree when it broke down.

It’s all in here and more! If you were there, in the Seventies, then this will bring back some amazing memories, and if you weren’t, then you’ll wish yo had been!

ISBN: 978-1922381187

How to Buy a Copy

Class of ’79 is available to buy from most good booksellers throughout the world, or on-line. It is available both as a paperback and as a Kindle and the link below will take you to If you’re in a different part of the world, just type my name – Chris Rooke – into the Amazon search bar, and the book should come up (together with my classic car and motorcycle manuals – NOT the God stuff, they’re nothing to do with me!) You might also want to try such as e-bay etc. or just type the ISBN number (see above) into Google and see what comes up.