About the Author

I was born and brought up in Oxford, in the Sixties, as part of a dysfunctional middle class family. My brother and I were generally left to our own devices – and we took full advantage! We were always getting into scrapes of one sort or another, but as our dad absolved himself from any paternal duties, and as mum indulged us and just shrugged, we carried on, regardless.

Somewhere in all this I developed a love for all things mechanical, and especially motorcycles, and I spent all my time, from about the age of 13 onwards, working on them and riding them – often legally, sometimes not. As well as this I worked hard in numerous part-time jobs, trying to earn enough to buy some wheels, and I developed a great love of English language and literature.

However, our luck slowly ran out, and Pete was expelled from school, and although I managed to cling on, I made a complete mess of my A levels and I either had to re-sit the year or go to Polytechnic rather than University (Shock, Horror!). So, rather than face the ignominy of having to go back to school and take classes with those a year below me, I went off to Portsmouth Polytechnic to study History, and the completely wild and bizarre time I spent there is chronicled in the book The Class of ’79

When I left Portsmouth I moved to Sheffield to become a Rock star! Sadly, however, there were no vacancies for rock stars and, whilst working various odd jobs, I somehow became an actor – of sorts. This led to my training to become a Drama teacher and for 30 years I worked in a variety of schools throughout Barnsley, becoming Advisory Teacher for Drama, and running Barnsley Youth Theatre.

A few years ago I knew that it was time for me to leave teaching (I was completely burnt out) and so I amalgamated my love of English with my love of mechanics and began rebuilding classic cars and motorcycles and writing various manuals about how to restore them. And here I am now, in my 60s, still alive and kicking and enjoying life more than I ever have done. Keep the faith.