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About the Workshop Manuals

These manuals are different from your everyday manual in that they’re written by myself, a long-term DIY mechanic, but with no formal training, completing all the work in my workshop at home (the basement) with no special tools or skills. As such I’m able to share all the problems and snags and mistakes that I make along the way, to help you avoid them!

The manuals are written in a friendly style that is easy to understand and follow. Regard them as your friend in the workshop, helping to guide you through the complete restoration of your chosen machine, step-by-step, in friendly, easy to understand language, complete with hundreds and hundreds of large, clear colour photos, which serve to illustrate the text.

You are taken through the whole process of restoring a bike or car, from purchase through dismantling, to refurbishment, restoration and reassembly. All areas are covered in detail from brakes and suspension, through to engines and gearboxes, clutches, carburettors, wheels, ignition systems, electrics and paintwork etc. (and in the case of the E-Type, bodywork and interior trim).

All the manuals cover such areas as suggested modern upgrades that you may wish to include in your own rebuild. As well as the focus on restoration, there are also guides on what tools to buy, how to approach the whole restoration and lists of specialist suppliers and services who can help turn your dreams into reality!

Please note, therefore, that these are designed as workshop manuals, especially for the novice and less experienced restorer (although I think that even experienced restorers will gain at least something from them) using basic tools: they are manuals about how to rebuild a machine from scratch, not originality guides for those who want to restore their bikes to 100% original spec.

An added bonus is that there are also dedicated Facebook pages for all the motorcycle manuals, so if you have any queries or want to check for any updated information etc. then you will find links on here that will take you to those Facebook groups. So, as well as having the manuals, there is ongoing support and help for you as you undertake your own restoration, from myself and others who are going through the same experience as you!

The essential Buyer’s Guide to the Triumph Trident and BSA Rocket III is a different publication, and is a pocket guide for anyone contemplating buying one of these iconic machines. It covers all the different models, to help you choose the one that’s right for you, and gives detailed information and advice on what to look for when going to look at a Triple with a view to purchase. It is not just a general guide, but is focussed specifically on what to look for when buying a Triumph/BSA Triple.

Wishing you every success with your own restorations!
Keep the faith.
Chris Rooke

Class of ’79

I’ve also begun to write a few books about how life was ‘back in the day’ and the first of these is now available. It’s called Class of ’79 and is the story of my rather wild student days back in the seventies. If you were around back then, I think that this will stir a lot of memories. If you weren’t around then, I bet you won’t believe half the things that went on! PS There is a whole section on my motorcycling adventures whilst  a student, that I think a lot of bikers will enjoy!

The Books

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